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Gourmet Getaway winners announced

Several days ago, Central Istria Tourist Board has announced the talented winners of the Central Istria Gourmet Getaway!

Seven incredible individuals have been selected to join this transformative workation journey.

(For those who haven't yet heard the news, here is a reminder of what is it about!)

The winners are:

DANIELLE FARAGE - she is a Gen Z Futurist, educator, and community builder, working on her book during the getaway. She aims to communicate through "Danielleisms" and "Friendtorships" to enhance conscious thinking and relationship building.

YUVAL ACKERMAN - the resident pasta-person and storyteller, will share her journey discovering local cuisine in Istria through posts and emails, using her unique analogies to dive into deeper topics.

LIZZY KOMEN - she is an Amsterdam-based food photographer and recipe developer, working on her first cookbook with food photography and videos. She aims to capture mouthwatering images and share her culinary passion.

PAUL BRADBURY - runs the Total Croatia News, will create a series of 4 videos to showcase Croatia's lesser-known destinations and festivals, sharing the beauty and lifestyle of Central Istria.

SHAUN BUSUTTIL - a seasoned digital nomad and writer, will compose an academic journal on the "commodification of community" in the digital nomad space, contributing to the discourse on digital nomadism.

NILESH PANDEY - a tech founder and entrepreneur, will explore the culture, food, and friendships in Central Istria while working on his latest project, bringing innovation to the region.

ALI GREENE - a Remote Work Leader, Advocate, and Speaker, is on a mission to empower people and companies to thrive through flexible work. She'll continue her work remotely while enjoying the Istrian environment.

Congrats to all the winners! Looking forward to meeting you soon in Central Istria!

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